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We obviously have not tried every income opportunity. We are not interested in MLM and other ways to make money from the promotion of Internet marketing schemes. We are interested in finding out the best way for small Internet sites to make money without overcharging their customers. 

One very successful way of making money from small web sites, is the use of get-paid-to-surf programs. If you are honest about your experience with these programs, your visitors will appreciate and will follow your advice. The only disadvantage is the long time between when you join these programs and when they start paying off. It takes a few months after you earn the money before these programs pay you. And it may take a few months before some of the people that signed up from your web site, start building up their downline. But when they do, your income will start growing quickly. Highly recommended

Our best performing web sites until now, have been our freebies sites. They attract visitors eager to click on links to other web sites, as long as it is free. And there are plenty of other web sites willing to pay for eager visitors. 

The problem is, however, getting the money you have earned. We found that tracking of traffic and leads is often a problem, even with reputable merchants. And sometimes a merchant will go out of business without paying. What you need, is  a good intermediary which takes care of collecting the smaller payments from every merchant and combines them in a single payment to you. Our best experience is with Commission Junction at .


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