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Promoting the Micro E-Business Concept

Ruighaver Enterprises is a micro E-business set up to promote the micro E-business concept. In collaboration with Oz-ESmart, an Internet Marketing and Web Development enterprise, we are developing a range of web sites to investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of different business models for micro E-businesses.

Small is beautiful

While most attention in the press is on the bigger and more aggressively marketed start-ups trying to become the next hot stock on the share market, much more interesting developments are taking place in the home-business segment of the Internet. Although the Internet is considered to be a big equalizer, allowing small businesses to compete with the larger companies, most micro E-businesses will not be able to make it on their own. But, by working together with other E-businesses, even those micro E-businesses that are run by a single person can become highly successful.

The entire experience hugely outpaced any our predictions.

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An e-business is more than just a web site.

As E-commerce and Internet marketing consultants we often find it hard work to convince a small business owner, eager to expand his/her brick and mortar business on the Internet, that developing a web site is only the first step on the long road to a successful E-business. Much of the experience these successful business owners gained in marketing their own business, simply does not prepare them for how different things are when they move their business onto the super-highway.

To assist the conversion of traditional micro businesses into micro E-businesses we have started to develop several web sites that can be used to create an instant E-business. While they are funded and owned by Ruighaver Enterprises, the actual development and promotion is done by Oz-ESmart. When a suitable brick and mortar business contacts us to develop an E-business for them, we can now offer an existing web site for redevelopment. This generally makes the process of educating another client about the many pitfalls of successful E-business development a lot less painful.

If you are interested in buying one of our web sites, please send an email to [email protected]

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